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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I place an order for flowers or plants to be delivered?

A. On the left menu we have outlined some specific floral occasions. By selecting an appropriate occasion you will then be given several appropriate suggestions in varying price ranges. The occasions are only suggestions and arrangements found in other areas of the site may be exactly what you are looking for and not necessarily listed in the occasion you are looking at. It is advised to take a few minutes and browse through some of the other occasions and see some of the wonderful arrangements. Once you have selected your desired arrangement click on it. You will be given a short description just to ensure that this is what you are looking for. Follow the links and they will guide you through the order form.

Q. How do I know that my order was processed?

A. Once we have received you order you will be sent a copy of the information provided along with a short thank you note. This is done manually from our offices. It is your confirmation that we have received your order and that it is being processed.

Q. How can I be sure I will get my money's worth?

A. Mostly Roses is a member in good standing with FTD, and has been a member since 1976. When sending flowers outside of our own delivery area we rely on the network of professional FTD florists. All FTD Florists provide a Satisfaction Guarantee on all out-of-town orders sent through FTD. The guarantee states: "As professional FTD Florists, we guarantee your satisfaction with every order sent through FTD for delivery in the United States and Canada and on all FTD Branded products purchased from and FTD Florist."

"If you are not satisfied with the purchased FTD product, we will send a replacement or refund the full purchase price. All you need to do is notify us within 10 days of your order."

Beyond the guarantee, all FTD Florists are bound by the rules of our association. FTD Florists must meet rigorous standards of Membership, and all rules are strictly enforced.

Q. How can I be sure the flowers I send will be exactly what I ordered?

A. All of our associated FTD Florists are required to maintain a stock of flowers that pass stringent inspections for quality, freshness and variety. FTD Florists must be experienced in the art of floral design; their shops must be well equipped, clean and well staffed. Each must display exemplary business ethics and have an established credit record. FTD Florists must also ensure prompt delivery of your FTD orders.

As further assurance, our site uses arrangements selected from the FTD Floral Selection Guide, featuring arrangements that are numbered for easy, accurate order transmission between FTD shops. The site allows you to see what you are ordering and what will be delivered across town, across the country or over the border!

Q. How is my order sent to another city or country?

A. As an FTD Florist, Mostly Roses is affiliated with quality Florists across the United States and Canada and around the world. Your order is sent, via computer, to an FTD Florist in the city where your flowers are going to be delivered. Mostly Roses carefully selects this florist. The local FTD Florist of our choice in that town creates your gift or remembrance, using the freshest blooms, and delivers it on the date you specify.

Q. What are the policies of international delivery?

A. International deliveries are made to locations outside the United States and Canada. Floral arrangements delivered internationally may vary due to current exchange rates, or regional and seasonal availability. Currently, specialty gifts are unable to be sent internationally. Prices may be subject to change for certain countries. You will be contacted if additional funds are required for your order.

  • International deliveries can be made the next business day when you place your order by 2:00 PM Eastern Time.
  • Orders placed after 2:00 PM Eastern Time on Friday can be delivered the following Monday.
  • Orders placed after 2:00 PM Eastern Time on Saturday or anytime on Sunday can be delivered the following Tuesday.

Q. Where are the undeliverable locations?

A. Mostly Roses can deliver to almost 100% of U.S. households and to 150 countries worldwide. However, we can't deliver to a few places, due to the rules and restrictions of these special locations. Hospitals : We can't deliver to the Intensive Care Units (ICU) or the Critical Care Units (CCU) of hospitals because most hospitals don't allow it. If you send flowers to someone in the hospital who is currently in, or has moved to ICU or CCU, we'll hold the order until such time as the person is released into a regular room. A fresh bouquet will be delivered on that day. Additionally, Mostly Roses can not deliver to: cruise ships, planes, trains, cemeteries, post office boxes or APO's