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Occasions & Selections


All prices shown are quoted for delivery in North America.

For deliveries in Canada, prices will be charged in Canadian dollars.

For deliveries in the U.S., the charges will be the U.S. equivalent.

For our U.S. clients you will notice that the charge on your credit Card statements is the Canadian dollar equivalent and in many cases will not be exact to the penny as the price shown on the site, due to the exchange rates that change daily with the credit card companies.

As a Canadian company all charges are billed in Canadian dollars.

For all order we transmit to the U.S. the Exchange rate applied is based on the exchange rate set out by FTD.

e.g. An arrangement shown as $100.00, for delivery in the U.S. is actually billed as $110.00 Canadian.. $100.00 plus 10% exchange (exchange rate may vary).

An arrangement of $100.00, for delivery in Canada is billed as $100.00 Canadian.

Prices do not include applicable taxes.

Delivery Charges

Prices do not include delivery charges and $9.99 will be added to each order as delivery fees.