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Occasions & Selections

About FTD

Founded in 1910, FTD is the largest floral company in the world. The leader in quality, artistry and dependability, FTD connects approximately 21,000 North American retail florists and supports an international floral delivery network of 54,000 affiliated FTD Florists in 154 countries. FTD can deliver products to 99.8% of the U.S. population. FTD stands behind a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders sent through FTD for delivery within the U.S. and Canada.

Our Roots

On August 18, 1910, fifteen American retail florists agreed to exchange orders for out-of-town deliveries. Originally called "Florists' Telegraph Delivery", FTD was the world's first flowers-by-wire service. Fifty-five years later, FTD expanded to include international transactions. The company was renamed "Florists Transworld Delivery" to reflect its growing worldwide presence.

In 1914, FTD adopted the classic figure of Mercury as its official logo. With worldwide visibility, the gold "Mercury Man" is the third most recognized logo in the world. It has become the floral industry's emblem of quality.

Mercury Network

The "Floral Information Superhighway", the Mercury Network is the premier electronic network used by all major wire services in the floriculture industry to process wire orders and messages. It processes approximately 15 million orders and messages annually. The Mercury Network also provides FTD Florists with telemarketing services and PC-based business management applications software.